How to place an order kitten


 Order a kitten in a new family stage is responsible and mandatory. Our goal is not to sell the kitten, making a profit from the transaction, but to find him good, loving and responsible owners.
Therefore, sometimes having heard the refusal to offer “We will come and take tomorrow tomorrow,” people often get offended. We do not charge ourselves a price, do not treat you “down”, just the animal must be ready to move to a new house. And 80% lies on responsible breeders. And believe this will further justify your expectation, rather than buy an animal on the bird market that carries a potential threat to the health of your pets, or vice versa runs the risk of getting sick or injured due to the lack of prior training from a negligent breeder.
So go directly to the procedure of registration.
1) Contact the breeder and agree on the conditions for the purchase of a kitten
2) Reserve a pet, i.e. make a prepayment
3) You decide the question of delivery (if necessary, we will help with delivery by proven couriers)
4) Conclude a contract of sale (you can in the form of a ousse consent with the standard type)
5) You pay the agreed price and get a pet with all the necessary documents and accessories.

Preliminary arrangements and preparation

1. You finally found an animal that you liked, decided on the floor, color, etc. But as always there are questions that of course need to be clarified. In this case, you contact the breeder (the numbers and contacts are indicated specifically next to each kitten).
2. At the time of moving the kitten can not be less than 3 months. During this time, he must receive vaccinations, undergo treatment from parasites, withstand quarantine, undergo activation and get a metric. Vet.Passport and metrics are the minimum mandatory set of documents on our part when you make a pet.
3. The breeder must make sure that the pet is in full health before being sent and, if possible, redeem the pet.
As a rule, by 4 months this is all done and will not take extra time. At this preliminary difficulties for the waiting fathers and mothers of our graduates living in Ukraine end. The kitten is ready to move!

Clearance procedure
Personal meeting
1. You have the opportunity to personally or through an authorized person to come for a kitten (this is the best option). You contact the breeder and negotiate the meeting (place, time, etc.) You submit in writing your owner data to fill out the documents (in any convenient way: via e-mail or social network chats, Viber, SMS, etc. ). When reserving a pet (making a stipulated advance payment), the breeder is obliged to prepare documents in advance or fill in at the meeting if reservations have not been made.
2. According to preliminary agreements, the breeder prepares 2 copies of the contract of sale. You inspect the animal, pay the agreed amount, sign the contract, one copy of which is relied upon to you, the second to the breeder. If necessary, the contract may be supplemented with additional clauses of the agreement, which are certified by the signatures of both parties.
3. The breeder gives you an animal with all the documents and accessories.
4. In the future, or immediately (depending on the agreements stipulated in the Agreement), you can get a pedigree with the appropriate mark (With the right of breeding / Without the right of breeding).

Transfer by courier
1. If it is not possible to pick up the baby yourself, contact the breeder and agree on alternative delivery methods beforehand discussing the conditions for the purchase.
2. You receive by means of Internet communications a version of the contract for familiarization, give an answer about agreement with clauses of the contract.
3. Reserve a kitten (make a stipulated advance payment)
4. The breeder draws up the documents, agrees with you about the time and method of delivery of the animal.
5. The animal is transferred to the carrier with all accompanying documents, you are given all the necessary information to meet the animal.

Supplements for foreigners
1. When sending abroad, an additional form F1 is issued for the transport of an animal.
2. Depending on the country / continent, it is usually necessary to pass the necessary tests or tests.
3. Chipping an animal
We ask our dear future relatives to take into account the time for the preparation and execution of travel documents. The entire minimum or desired set will be prepared as quickly as possible, subject to full payment for transportation and the cost of the animal. We are ready to provide all the results to you on request for review, as well as any information that interests you.
In this case, we recommend trusting our trusted partners with experience and positive feedback on the delivery of pets anywhere in the world.

Common to all
1) If you have made a reserve and are not ready or refused for subjective reasons for further preparation and transportation of the animal, the pet remains with us, the money will not be returned. The reservation period is negotiated separately with the breeder and is at least 10 days from the day after the date of the remittance.
You have the right to demand the return of the reserve if the animal is injured, the test results revealed a discrepancy specified in the contract or the transfer of the pet is delayed for a long time due to the breeder. All this is recommended to be included in the contract of sale, which gains legal force after making the agreed payment. Thus, we and our breeders, act as a guarantor of your interests, as bona fide partners.
2) Conducting appropriate tests is possible at the request of any of our customers, subject to advance payment, if these tests are not made by the breeder in advance for subjective reasons (for example, tests have already been made, the kitten was preparing to be sent abroad, but the transaction did not take place, etc.). In this case, the official provision of the results of medical examinations made by agreement with the breeder.