Maine Coon does not happen much !!!
     Maine Coon is one of the most popular cat breeds today. These are giants of the civilized feline world, distinguished by their good-natured character, beautiful appearance and sincere affection for the owner.
     In the majority of articles devoted to this breed, it is said that cats of this breed choose their “pet” owner.
But it’s not always the case.

Кот на когтеточке

   Our experience has shown that the cat equally respects both me and the spouse, the main thing is that someone is constantly under his watchful eye.  They treat the son as a “brother”, they like to play, sometimes they quarrel, sometimes they sleep together or watch cartoons.
   Our acquaintance began at the age of 3 months, when still a little fluffy and at the same time ungraded miracle with a childishly long paws was brought to our house.

   The kitten was actively growing and gaining weight. Cats of this breed grow to 3 years.  In this case, the most active growth occurs up to 1 year. At this time it is not necessary to monitor the amount of feed given and to limit it somehow. The kitten will eat as much as he needs. At this time, he, like any child, needs attention and care.
   It is necessary to limit contact with other animals, to actively play with him and to monitor the state of health. It is important up to 6 months to perform all the required vaccinations, to treat parasites and de-worming. Remember, vaccinations are not a panacea for all types of sores, so during the period of active growth, special attention should be paid to taking care of the pet’s health. Any very thoroughbred cat can be spoiled by improper nutrition and care.
   On this resource you will find enough useful information for the correct maintenance of the pet.
he site is focused not only on the sale of kittens, but also assisting the future koto-mom and ko-dads of this wonderful breed.